Interactive Volume Deformation Based on Model Fitting Lattices

Volume visualization, which is a relatively new branch in scientific visualization, not only displays surface features of a model, but enables an intuitive presentation of the internal information of the object. Its comprehensive visualization algorithms developed in the last decade have brought in challenges such as complex data processing, real-time operations, and application-specific system performances. […]

Video Event Detection

Video recordings provide rich information on dynamic events occurred over a period of time such as human actions, crowd behaviours, and other subject pattern changes in comparison to still image-based processes. However, substantial progresses have been made in the last decade on 2D image processing and its applications such as face matching and objects recognition; […]

Parallel Signal Processing based-on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)

The intensive computation of Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) due to its inherent multilevel data decomposition and reconstruction operations brings a bottleneck that drastically reduces its performance and implementations for real-time applications when facing large size digital images and/or high-definition videos. Although various software-based acceleration solutions, such as the lifting scheme, have been devised and achieved […]

Graffiti Detection

Traditional CCTV surveillance systems for detecting vandalism require constant human operator-based monitoring and intervention. In this project, the implemented prototype system (mounted at a bus station) can successfully detect graffiti and graffiti-making activities through remove noise signals introduced by passing pedestrians and vehicles as well as adapting to changing outdoor illumination conditions. One common assumption […]

Augmented Reality

Integrating virtual objects into real environments presents a number of technical and aesthetic challenges which limit the impressiveness of current augmented reality applications. Although some of these challenges have recently been addressed, others are still active areas of research. The quality of the models and textures used, accurate geometric world alignment and the quality of […]

Knowledge-based System for Geometrical Product Specification and Verification

Geometrical product specification and verification (GPS) matrix system is a universal tool for expressing geometrical requirements on product design drawings. It benefits product designers through providing detailed description of functional requirements for geometrical products, and through referring to corresponding manufacturing and verification processes. In order to overcome current implementation problems highlighted in this project, a […]